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About J.P. Bond Photography

J.P. Bond is an award-winning professional photographer. Originally from La Paz, Bolivia, his family traveled extensively throughout South and Central America during his childhood. J.P.’s early exposure to a wide range of cultures and ideas has encouraged his success. “Understanding a new concept, business, or product quickly, then creating a visual expression for it means you have to understand people, adapt quickly, and choose the best strategy to move you where you want to go.”

The 15+ years J.P. has been working as a commercial photographer has taken J.P. across the world, out to sea and even 1400 feet underground. J.P.’s work is fresh, eye-catching, and straight to the point. J.P. Bond Photography offers clients a clean approach to their advertising creative and delivers compelling images that pull people in – in an honest and unencumbered fashion.

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There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

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